FOI Requests

All Freedom of Information requests received by the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and our responses are published below. On occasion multiple requests are received from individuals that require multiple responses. These can take time to collate but will be published as soon as possible after they have been answered. Before you make a request please view the previous responses, which may already answer your question(s). To submit a Freedom of Information request to the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, please email


From to or

Please may I have the latest crime figures available for Battle, Bexhill, Rother and Wealden and comparative figures from previous years to 2009/10.

Does the Chief Constable (and other Chief Police Officers in your force / constabulary ) have a contract with the Police and Crime Commissioner / Police Authority or equivalent?

Please could you tell how much money the PCC has spent on crime and disorder reduction grants.

PCC – Degree

What degree was the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner awarded and from which university? In which year was this awarded?

How much has your administration saved compared to the old Police Authority?

Please provide information on the financial position, for 2014/15 and 2015/16 for your police force and whether it is in surplus or deficit and the level thereof. Please set out the gross assets and liabilities of the force.

How many Sussex Police Precept leaflets were sent out in 2016?

Please could you tell me the numbers of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers employed by Sussex Police for each year from 2010.

OSPCC Costs (2)

Under the FOI guidance I wish to request a breakdown of all pay, travel and expense claims by pay grade by financial year from 2012/13 onwards.

OSPCC Costs (1)

Can you please advise the number of personnel employed in your department (including yourself) and the total cost of salaries and expenses for the current year to date (April 1st 2015 to 31st March 2016).

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