PCC is successful with Home Office protest funding application


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, has received notification from the Home Office that her application in January to recover the balance of cost incurred by the policing operation at the test drilling site in Balcombe has been successful.

The Home Office has agreed to pay Sussex Police £905,000 in accordance with Home Office Special Grant rules. In addition Mrs Bourne has negotiated an agreement with the policing minister that if Sussex Police is faced with further shale gas protests in the future then all policing costs will be refunded in full.

The overall cost of the operation amounted to £3.985 million.

Mrs Bourne said: “This is a great result given it is the first time that an application to cover these types of costs has been made under Home Office Special Grant rules.

“As PCC I felt it was unfair to burden local taxpayers and I was committed to seeking government support.

“Furthermore, I am delighted that the Home Office has agreed that any future shale gas protests similar to Balcombe will be refunded in full.

“This unforeseen cost of protest policing last summer put a huge amount of pressure on the police budget at a time when considerable savings are being made. Any funding that can be recovered is a real bonus to Sussex Tax Payers.”

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