Watch the video: PCC publishes revised Police & Crime Plan


Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne has produced a short animation video to summarise the objectives in her revised Police & Crime Plan:

Commenting on the refresh, Mrs Bourne said: “In April 2013 I launched my first ever Police & Crime Plan, ‘Safer in Sussex’, setting out my strategic objectives for tackling crime in the county.

The current refresh reflects my first year in office and my ambitions to continue to drive down crime and for Sussex to remain a safe place in which to live. The four priority areas that drive the Plan remain unchanged:

• Crime & Community Safety
• Victim Focus
• Public Confidence
• Value for Money

The measures and objectives within each of the priority areas have been updated to ensure that they continue to accurately reflect the expectations of the public.

The Chief Constable has also revised the Operational Delivery Plan for Sussex Police which sets out how it will deliver operational policing against the objectives in the Police & Crime Plan.

A Police & Crime Panel Working Group took part in the review of the Plan which was scrutinised and approved by the full Panel at the meeting on 24 January 2014.

The Plan continues to be a living document and will remain under constant review throughout my term in office.

The full Police & Crime Plan can be found online at

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