030/2017 Review Of Reserves – Phase 1 Local Policing Transition Support Reserve

The Police & Crime Commissioner approved a recommendation to reallocate £15m of earmarked reserves for use by the Chief Constable.

In accordance with good practice, the Chief Finance Officer for the PCC in association with the Director of Finance of Sussex Police have undertaken to review the group balance sheets. The review has been split into phases with the first phase looking at the necessity and adequacy of the balances held as earmarked reserves.

The review report concluded and recommended that £15m of earmarked reserves can be reallocated and has identified how those resources combined with a further £2m totalling £17m could be used by the Chief Constable to help the management of change through the Local Policing transformation Programme and mitigate the impact of the immediate reductions in officer numbers that would have been required to balance the budget over the four years of the MTFS.

Agreement to release specific tranches of the reserve to the Chief Constable between now and April 2020 would be done so through consideration of reports at the monthly financial accountability meetings between the force and the PCC. Any allocations from the reserve approved as a result of this ‘check and release’ process would be made on a quarterly basis.

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