What we spend & how we spend it

On this page you will find financial information relating to projected and actual income, and expenditure relating to our budget, statement of accounts, expenditure over £500, contracts and expenses.

How the police budget is spent

The police budget for 2017/18 is £290.5. This will be spent as follows:

Police Officers £156.3m
Police Community Support Officers £6.4m
Police Staff £68.6m
Buildings and Transport £15.6m
IT and Mobile Technology £15.3m
Other Spend* £28.3m
Total Spend   £290.5m

* this includes police supplies and services, community safety funding and victims’ services.

Policing precept and other sources of income (including grants)

The police precept for 2017/18 was increased by 3.36%. This equated to an additional £5.00 for policing per year per household (for a Band D property).

Other sources of funding, including grants are detailed below:

Funding from Government £162.8m
Council Tax £93.2m
Specific Grant £10.5m
Other Income £24.0m
Total funding £290.5m

You will find more information about the policing budget and precept here

Crime & disorder reduction grants

The Commissioner has allocated a number of crime and disorder reduction grants through the Community Safety Fund and Victims’ Services Fund. The name of the projects, recipients, grants awarded and the sources of funding for the successful applications can be viewed here.

Annual Investment Strategy

The 2017/18 Treasury Management Strategy Statement was endorsed by the Joint Audit Committee on 23 March 2017 and approved by the Commissioner on 27 March 2017.


We list all expenditure exceeding £500. You can view up to date lists of all expenditure exceeding £500 by individual month here.

Details of contracts awarded

It is a requirement within the Financial Regulations that Value for Money is a consideration in all procurement decisions.

A list of the contracts awarded can be viewed here.

Full copies of contracts over £10,000 are available on request through the Joint Procurement Service Unit for Sussex and Surrey by email to: JointProcurementService@surrey.pnn.police.uk

Total salary costs

The total salary costs for the OSPCC are available by click on the relevant year:







The Commissioner’s expenses are published here.

The Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer’s expenses can be viewed here.

Pay & grading structures

The police staff pay scales, which the OSPCC also abides by, can be viewed here.

Annual Audit Letter

The Annual Audit Letter for the year ended 31 March 2016 can be viewed here.

Other key financial documents

Code of Corporate Governance Framework incorporating the Statement of Corporate Governance; Code of Corporate Governance; Scheme of Corporate Governance; Financial Regulations and Instructions; Contract Standing Orders; Scheme of Consent; and Scheme of Delegation.

Joint Audit Committee (JAC) – for meeting papers and reports relating to internal audit, external audit and other internal control measures


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